Timeless x Bremont U2/T Watch

We love Bremont's handsome U2 pilot watch, but what would it look like if the watchmaker fashioned it during the height of WWII? The UK outfit partnered with Timeless to figure it out and this is the result.

Breitling Navitimer 46 Blacksteel Watch

Whether you actually fly planes or just take a Xanax to zone out every time you ride one, this blacked-out version of the classic Navitimer pilot watch will make you look sufficiently badass the entire time.

Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Sports Watch

Whether you race bikes, do triathlons, or cross-train like a madman, getting more serious about activity tracking means getting more serious gear. Suunto's latest GPS multi-sport watch definitely qualifies.

Apache Pine Sqwatch

We don't know how we feel about wooden watches. With its black sandalwood construction, minimalist styling, and casual aesthetic, though, Apache Pine's wooden timepiece might be a great way to try it out.

Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Watch

The successor to Panerai's Luminor line combines a styling that's identical to the original, all while coming in at a 40 percent slimmer size, resulting in a lighter and, dare I say, dressier timepiece.

MHD Bespoke Watches

Seiko's automatic watches are tough and reliable, but they're hardly the most aesthetically exciting. That changes with MHD's bespoke offering, which lets you upgrade an erstwhile normal Seiko with all new styling.

Casio Pro-Trek PRW-7000

Quite possibly the most complete Casio adventure watch we’ve seen, this analog Pro-Trek model combines ultra-tough, rugged construction with a handy collection of outdoor functions.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Watch

It may not be the best watch to wear for actual dives with a mere 10 bar rating, but with a classic aesthetic, slim case profile, and elegant style, Oris' revived divers watch should make for a fine timepiece that's suited for everyday wear.

Casio Pro Trek PRW3510 Adventure Watch

It may not pack as many features as other adventure watches, but with unlimited battery life, high levels of durability, and a capable tri-sensor array, Casio's latest just may be the ideal adventure timepiece.

Casio G-Shock MR-G Hammer Tone Watch

G-Shocks aren’t exactly cheap, but they're the kind of watches that throw a satisfying bang with every buck. So what did Casio put in this G-Shock from their premium MR-G line to make it cost a whopping $6,200?

Martenero Marquis Watch

Clean dials and a refined style are two traditional requisites for dress watches. Martenero's take on the men's formal staple ditches the former but embraces the latter, turning out a watch that's still dressy, but can go casual when necessary.

Shinola Canfield Chrono 43mm Watch

We're big fans of Shinola's compelling story. We're even bigger fans of their equally-compelling new chronograph timepiece, which sports a slimmer silhouette, an enhanced viewing area, and a refined dial that will play nice with most any outfit.

VOID x MoMA VO3D Watch

A beautiful balance between elegance and simplicity, this collaboration between MoMA and VOID Watches turn out a fine-looking dress watch with a minimalist dial and refined styling at a highly-affordable price point.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane Watch

Quite possibly their most unique watch yet, Breitling's latest flavor of the Avenger combines a rare 24-hour dial and a massive 50mm case, all while weighing considerably lighter than the rest of their watches.

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

A smartwatch you can wear during sports activities, Nixon's Android Wear timepiece is both rugged and water-resistant, giving you a way to stay informed and up-to-date while surfing, skiing, or wrestling a bear in the jungle.