Viberg Service Boots

Based on a design used for military boots back in World War II, this reimagined pair sheds the utility of basic training footwear in favor of sophisticated urban style, all while retaining the basic elements of what made the original such a classic.

Ben Sherman Pendleton Shirt

Ben Sherman took Pendleton's classic work shirt, sharpened it with their own details, and used one of the American mill's authentic wool fabrics. This cold-weather, collared workwear is the result.

Edward Green Chelsea Leather Oxford Shoes

Every man deserves one really great pair of dress shoes to match with all the nicest things in their closet. For those times you need to dress up and make a strong impression, these Oxfords just might be what your wardrobe has been missing.

Aether Drift Vest

Designed with urban dwellers in mind, Aether's fall-winter vest comes with a super-soft cotton-nylon shell, enough fill to keep you warm to the core, and a city-inspired asymmetric quilting that gives it a sophisticated yet casual look.

American Trench Pima Cotton Houndstooth Socks

Some guys don't pay much attention to their socks. If you're the kind that does, though, these stylish foot garments from American Trench will be the perfect complement to your favorite dress shoes.

Finisterre CWS Camber Jean

Designed as technical wear for cold surfers who need to slip into pants as soon as they get out of the water, this pair of jeans combines cotton denim with Merino wool, helping the legs dry and hoarding warmth to get you comfortable fast.

Creative Recreation Adonis Mid Sneakers

This stylish pair of sneakers pairs dimpled leather with a monochrome colorway for good looks, laces with side zippers for convenient slip-on, and a classic silhouette with a mid-ankle height for keeping your feet warm amid the colder weather of the season.

Suunto Kailash Smartwatch

A watch for globetrotting adventurers, Suunto's latest smartwatch lets you keep track of your jet-setting adventures, working with an accompanying app to let you relive them with a quick glance on your wrist.

Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest

There are few things more versatile and useful than a lightweight vest during the shifting weather of fall and there are few lightweight vests that bring a more unique style than this unusually-quilted, close-fitting piece.

Eddie Bauer 1936 Modified Skyliner Bomber Jacket

The same classic jacket that put Eddie Bauer on the map 80 years ago gets updated with a trimmer fit, modern materials, and a water-resistant finish. Yes, it still looks just as good as it probably did back when your (great) grandpa was the man about town.

Greats Royale Court High

This stylish high-top combines the classic basketball silhouette with premium leather and Italian craftsmanship, turning out a pair of sneakers that look more refined than the kind of kicks you're accustomed to seeing at the local basketball courts.

ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant

I always thought sweatpants were the kind of things you wear outside the house when you’ve temporarily given up on life. Except, these sweatpants actually look stylish and cut, which is absolutely sending the wrong message.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Shark Shoes

Remember the various iterations of Jeremy Scott's insane Wings shoes for Adidas? Those actually feel comparatively tame next to his new silhouette, which is designed to look like a shark that also looks like a 1950s-era classic car.

Buck Mason Classic Fit Jeans

When you want to be extremely comfortable and still look reasonably stylish, leave the slim-fit jeans at home and slip into one of these classically-cut, highly-accommodating trousers instead.

Adidas Boost Urban Hiker

Adidas takes the classic hiker boot, then dresses it with a dose of urban style and technical innovation, turning up a shoe that wears and performs well, whether you're in a secluded mountain, a rugged backcountry, or a busy metropolis.

Ebbets Field Flannels Brooklyn Eagles Sweatshirt

Do you want a killer-looking sweatshirt that reps an obscure team from an obscure time in baseball history? We're guessing it rarely gets more obscure and more stylish than this sweater repping the 1935-era Brooklyn Eagles.