Storkstand Portable Standing Desk This clever rig turns any office chair into a functional standing desk, so you can walk around the room while checking emails and typing spreadsheets.

If you want a standing desk, but don’t want to get rid of the desk you already have in your home office, there’s a simple solution: you can get one of those mini-desks that go on top of a table, essentially turning a regular desk into a standing one. While that works well enough, it can feel like such a boring solution. The Storkstand offers a way more interesting alternative.

Instead of turning a regular desk into a standing desk, the contraption turns a normal office chair into a standing desk. That way, you don’t have to rearrange your desk to accommodate a mini-desk on top – just use your chair to get a standing desk and leave the regular desk as it is, so you can return to a standard sitting posture with no additional fuss.

The Storkstand consists of a wood surface with a metal mount underneath that can hook onto the backrest of most office chairs (and gaming chairs, if you prefer one of those), allowing you to turn the chair into a functional standing desk. It comes with a locking mechanism that secures itself to the chair, with the option to adjust the mount at a variety of angles, so you can find the perfect position, regardless of the kind of chair you’re using with it. Since office chairs are usually height adjustable, you can set the desk at different heights, too, making this one of the more customizable standing desk solutions out there. According to the outfit, they’ve tested it to work with around 90 percent of office chairs in the market.

The desk can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches, with enough room to spare for a mouse and even a coffee mug, so you can work on it as you would on a regular desk. It can support up to 50 pounds of weight, by the way, so you don’t have to be excessively gentle while working on your laptop. Just don’t use it to play games if you’re the type to slam the desk in frustration because… yeah… it probably won’t end well.

The Storkstand is designed to collapse into a reasonably flat pile when not in use, allowing you to slip it into a bag for bringing into offices, coffee shops, and wherever else you plan to get work done for the day. In case there isn’t a compatible chair for mounting the desk on, it’s even designed to work as a lap desk, so you can still get work done even if all you have is a park bench.

Construction is FSC-certified natural wood for the table top, while the mount at the base is cut in lightweight aluminum. It comes fully-assembled out of the box, too, so you can literally start changing your sedentary lifestyle as soon as you bust the darn thing out. The best part? Most office chairs come with casters, so you can literally walk around while working on this thing, taking your workstation with you anywhere you go.

The Storkstand is priced at $149.

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