Stio Wilcox Fleece Hoodie This stylish, zippered hoodie is done up entirely in fleece, allowing it to keep you warm, shed water, and feel super soft.


If you’re going to buy a hoodie that actually helps keep you warm, anything made with fleece beats anything made with cotton by a wide margin. And if you want a fleece hoodie that will keep you warm over layers in the fall, layer nicely under a coat during winter, and still look good when you wear it during other times of the year, this Wilcox Fleece Hoodie looks like a winning pick.

Made by Wyoming-based outdoor apparel brand Stio, it’s a zippered hoodie done up entirely in fleece, with a knitted face that will trick your boss into thinking you’re wearing even warmer wool. To the point that, he may wonder, “Isn’t he sweating under that thing?” You, of course, will simply dismiss that by claiming “I’m too cool to sweat.” Or something like that.


Aside from the super soft and comfy fabric, the Stio Wilcox Fleece Hoodie comes with a regular fit, which should enable unrestricted movement even under all those layers. It can shed water and continue insulating even wet, all while playing nice with simply being thrown into the washing machine whenever it gets a little too smelly for comfort. Features include three zippered pockets (including two kangaroo-style handwarmers), an oversized fixed hood, chunky YKK zippers in contrasting colors for accent, and five color options.


Available now, the Stio Wilcox Fleece Hoodie is priced at $159.