Stio Icefloe Long-Sleeve Tee Not a fan of technical shirts that look half a size too small? Neither are we. Here's a slightly-looser, better-looking alternative.

We’re big fans of shirts that wick sweat and cool you down during high-volume activity. Not only are they more comfortable, they’re just more hygienic, too, since they don’t allow sweat to dry and develop nasty smells. Only thing is, why do most technical tees that do that look like they’re cut half a size too small? Seriously, they’re too tight and constrictive. The Stio Icefloe offers an alternative.

Designed for “high-mountain, high-aerobic activities,” this long-sleeve shirt comes with a loose fit that makes it suitable for wearing both inside and outside the gym, allowing you to drape yourself in a technical garment without making you look like you’re wearing a rash guard for jiu-jitsu practice. Whether you need a temperature-regulating shirt for hiking, workouts, or just for gallivanting in the city when summer eventually rolls around (with no more lockdowns in place, fingers-crossed), this thing should make an excellent option for pairing with a whole lot of items in your closet.

The Stio Icefloe is made with Floe, a 100 percent polyester fabric that wicks moisture, dries quickly, and cools you down, making it perfect for wearing when engaging in any activities that are bound to make you sweat. It’s also treated with anti-microbial coating and UPF 20+ sun protection, so this thing won’t smell like a pair of dirty socks, no matter how much you soil it, all while handling sun exposure without any trouble. The garment even stays cool to the touch, no matter how long you stay out in the summer, making it an overall great tee to wear well past long-sleeve season.

Unlike most technical tees that seem to cling rather tightly to people’s bodies, it gets a reasonably close-fitting cut that still leaves room to the imagination. Stio calls it a “more contemporary, more fashionable look… for the modern mountain gentleman.” While we’re not sure about the mountain gentleman part, we’re definitely sold on it being way better looking than those muffin-revealing dry-fit shirts people seem bent on wearing when they’re working out. The slightly loose fit should also work better when you’re carrying backpacks, since it won’t stretch out your shirt to the point that it’s running up your torso.

The Stio Icefloe has flatlock seams to ensure it doesn’t irritate when brushing up against your skin, along with a sueded face that elevates its appearance to something much nicer. It has a custom crewneck construction that really complements the casual long-sleeved styling, along with on-seam thumbholes that help you keep the sleeves in place. For cyclists looking to wear it, there’s a subtle drop tail at the hem for extra coverage (just in case your butt crack gets exposed), along with reflective elements on both front and back for visibility. Other details include forward-angled side seams and an angle dart at the front hem that exhibit some serious attention to detail.

The Stio Icefloe is available now in three colors, namely red, blue, and gray.  Price is $79.

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