State Bicycle Co. Four Peaks Deluxe State Bicycle's beer-transporting fixie packs a trio of storage options to let you ferry multiple growlers and six packs of suds in every trip.


You ride bicycles. You buy beer. As such, it only makes sense to own a bike that’s optimized for carrying beer. And while the prospect of a beer-transporting bicycle might sound too goofy, someone actually went ahead and made one in the form of the Four Peaks Deluxe.

Made by State Bicycle Co. in collaboration with Four Peaks Brewing, the bike is designed to be the perfect two-wheel steed for any kind of beer transport. Whether you’re making emergency beer runs, picking up growlers from the local brewery, or stocking up on commercial brew for an upcoming party, this thing is duly-equipped to help transport your inebriating cargo.


The Four Peaks Deluxe is a vintage-style bicycle that will make you look like you’re riding your grandpa’s old fixie while hauling an inordinate amount of suds. Seriously, those moustache handlebars, classy riveted leather saddle, prominent chain guard, fenders both front and rear, chrome spokes and hubs, classic bike bell, and brown paint job really bring out the old-school aesthetic.


For beer-ferrying duties, it comes with a metal basket out front that can accommodate a couple of six packs (or a few growlers), along with a rear pannier that can carry a growler using the included leather strap and a leather carrying bag for another six-pack that can be snapped onto the frame.   There’s even a bottle/can holder on the basket, so you can comfortably enjoy a beer while riding, along with a bottle opener that’s affixed to the frame.

Available now, the Four Peaks Deluxe is priced at $579.