Stanley Adventure Cooler 30 Stanley's generously-sized cooler for outdoor adventures can fit up to 40 cans of beer and keep them chilled for up to four days.


It’s not the most convenient thing to bring when camping over the weekend, but if you want to enjoy fresh food and cold beverages in the wild, a cooler is something you’ll need to make room for in your gear. If you’re hitting the trail with a party, then a party-sized ice box like the Stanley Adventure Cooler 30 only seems appropriate.

A 30-quart cooler, it can hold a whopping 40 cans of your favorite libations, ensuring you’ll be sufficiently stocked, whether for a tailgate at the local parking lot, the nearby beach, or a weekend camping adventure. A tall profile ensures it can fit two-liter bottles of soda, wine bottles, and even growlers vertically, making for quite the versatile ice box to tow along to any party.


Boasting 36 percent more foam than competing coolers, the Stanley Adventure Cooler 30 can lock in cold temperatures up to four days, ensuring your drinks will still be as chilled while you’re packing on Monday as it was when you left home on Friday.   An insulated lid with sealed gasket helps keep all the cold in as well, while a padlock-friendly closure allows you to ration supplies, in case any overeager companion wants to finish all the beer well before Sunday rolls around (we know who you are). Features include durable professional-grade construction, a leak-proof drain plug, snap-shut latches, and heavy-duty handles.

Available now, the Stanley Adventure Cooler 30 is priced at $149.95.

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