SPRK Discus Table Light This 3D-printed light delivers a sensual and intimate tone that makes it ideal for use in the bedroom.

Not all mood lighting are alike. Some work best setting the tone in living areas. Others get the job done adding a warm tone to outdoor spaces. The SPRK Discus Table Light is meant to make its mark at the most intimate room in your home.

Billed as a light that’s “inspired by intimate moments and unforgettable nights,” the accent light is designed to be a fixture in the bedroom, sitting right on your nightstand and providing a warm glow that the outfit aptly describes as flirtatious. Seriously, it has the kind of light quality you want when you’re setting up a romantic scene, making it perfect for the space where you let all your inhibitions loose.

The SPRK Discus Table Light consists of a round Frisbee-shaped light mounted in front of a pill-shaped stand, with the size of the light overwhelming the compact stand it’s held on, making the latter little more than afterthought that you probably won’t even notice. Because the light is situated out front, it’s easy to direct it exactly where you want. Move it to face the bed if you want to do some light reading or writing before tucking in for the night, for instance, or have it facing parallel to the bed if you just want the warm ambience of its sensual luminance.

The light has a 2700K color temperature, so it’s a very warm type of illumination, with a CRI of 90, which, the outfit claims, is museum-grade light quality, so it should highlight colors very faithfully. Basically, it’s an atmospheric but very clear type of light, so it will add a good amount of illumination into the space, even when it’s the only light turned on in the room.

The SPRK Discus Table Light has a dimmer switch on the cord, so you can actually turn the brightness higher if you don’t want to turn on the main light in the bedroom, such as those wee hours you get up in the middle of your sleep to take a trip to the toilet. Basically, this will be useful for much more than setting the mood when you want to get busy with someone special, making it a great addition to anyone’s nightstand. And in case you get so busy this one hot night and end up rustling the nightstand, the lamp’s weighted base should allow it to stay stable and upright, minimizing those accidental tip-overs that can happen when things get hot and steamy.

Features include an 8.5W E12 LED bulb with a soft-white color, a maximum brightness of 850 lumens, a 90-inch long cord, and a custom-designed flat plug that’s designed to fit flush against the wall. The bulb is easily replaceable, too, as you simply have to pull out the diffuser and turn the stand counter-clockwise until you can lift it off, which will reveal the bulb.

The SPRK Discus Table Light is available in three colors, namely forest, carbon, and sand, with both the diffuser and the stand 3D-printed upon ordering. It’s priced at $175.

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