Sparrow Gear Hunter’s Hatchet A companion blade for hunters, this small and lightweight axe is equipped to dress animals, quarter their meat, and perform all-around blade duties at camp.


Nah, you probably don’t need an axe if you’re going out hunting. You have to admit, though, carrying one on your belt line looks more badass even if you are shooting at game with arrows or bullets. Plus, you can use it in place of hunting knives to field dress and quarter your animals like a gnarly mountain man. Sparrow Gear thinks their Hunter’s Hatchet is perfect for the job.

A small and lightweight axe, it’s custom-designed to serve as a handy hunting companion, whether you’re gutting a fresh catch, slicing up meat, or splitting wood for fire (so you can cook the meat, of course). And, yes, it should serve as a capable all-around camping blade, too, so you can use it to cut rope, clear bushes, and do all sorts of things around camp.


The Sparrow Gear Hunter’s Hatchet has a blade head made from mild steel to keep it lightweight, with the edge forged in fire-welded 1095 high-carbon steel to ensure powerful cutting talents. Each of the heads are individually hammered into shape, with the blacksmith’s initials carved into it for a unique decorative touch. Similarly, the handles are individually carved by hand using charred hickory wood to ensure durable function before being finished using wax and linseed oil. It measures 13 inches long, with the blade measuring 5.5 x 3 inches (l x w).


Available now, the Hunter’s Hatchet is priced at $130.