Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker Remember Sony's fancy lantern-like speaker? This is a more affordable version with more consumer-friendly features.

Remember Sony’s lantern-style speaker, which combined an elegant accent light with a 13-watt speaker that should be powerful enough to fill most small rooms with sound? It’s a beautiful product. Problem is, it’s a bit too out of most people’s price range at $799. If you want the same aesthetic at a more affordable price, you’ll definitely want to check out the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker.

A more affordable version of that unique speaker, the device doubles down on the lantern aesthetic, looking even more like an old-time portable light straight out of your grandmother’s side table. It retains the same cylindrical glass body, too, but combines it with a wider base that resembles the fuel tank on gas lanterns of old, creating an even more rustic aesthetic.

The Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker rounds out the lantern aesthetic by putting a candle-like LED light at the base of the glass body, mimicking that flaming thread found in gas lanterns of old. Do note, while the product photos do highlight the fact that it can set the mood with its candlelight ambience using very low, very soft flickering light, it does have 32 brightness settings, so you can probably get a decent amount of light from this when you turn it up to max level. You know, similar to those gas lanterns of old. And yes, it does seem to go bright enough that you can use it as your sole reading light for those times you decide to put it in the nightstand next to the bed.

What makes it special, of course, is the fact that it functions as a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker that combines a 46mm woofer with that upright glass tube serving as a tweeter. According to the outfit, the entire glass tube vibrates using three actuators, essentially turning the entire cylindrical surface into a crystal-clear speaker that emits precise sound evenly across every angle.

How does the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker sound? We don’t know, obviously, but Sony claims it delivers exceptionally precise sound with a powerful midrange, so it does make for an interesting speaker option. Oh yeah, the LED light on the lantern, by the way, can be set to pulse in tune with your music, so you can have an old-style lantern jamming with your favorite trap playlist if that floats your boat.

Similar to many loudspeakers today, you can pair it with a second unit to get two-channel stereo sound, in case you want a little more bite in your music, while support for Party Connect allows it to sync with up to 99 other compatible speakers to form a multi-room audio system. It also has an integrated microphone, by the way, in case you want to take calls on your lantern speaker. And yes, you can pretend to use that cylindrical body like a microphone, although we imagine the actual mic is fitted somewhere in that wide base.

The Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker is available now, priced at $349.99.

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