Sony Glass Sound Speaker This elegant-looking lantern doubles as a powerful 13-watt speaker for streaming your favorite tunes, whether at home or on the road.


An elegant-looking LED lamp can do a whole lot of things to make a work desk, a bedside table, or a living room side table look much more presentable. The sleek Sony Glass Sound Speaker does just that. Except, as you can tell from the name, it’s much more than a decorative lighting element, coming with an integrated speaker for streaming all your favorite tunes.

A part of Sony’s Life Space UX product line, it combines a softly-glowing lantern with an omnidirectional speaker that reverberates sound through the clear glass cylinder housing the LEDs. With a glass vibration that mirrors that of the human vocal chords, you can bask in a warm light while enjoying the warm, lifelike sounds of your favorite adult contemporary playlist, whether you’re resting in the bedroom, chilling on the couch, or trying to read through a complicated report in your home office.


The Sony Glass Sound Speaker measures 12 x 3.25 inches (height x diameter), making it reasonably portable in size, although the glass enclosure probably makes it a little too fragile to regularly bring out on the road. It has a maximum audio output of 13W, so it’s reasonably loud for such a small speaker, with a translucent passive radiator handling the low pass sound and a 50mm woofer delivering the mid-range tones. Features include Bluetooth for wireless streaming, four hours of battery life, Advanced Vertical Drive Technology for generating high pass sound, and a bevy of Sony’s audio tech (everything from S-Master to LDAC).


Available exclusively from MOMA, the Sony Glass Sound Speaker is priced at $799.