Sondors Metacycle Sondors' electric motorcycle brings 80 mph top speed and an 80-mile range in a surprisingly affordable package.

Electric motorcycles are great. They go fast, they’re quiet, and they’re just as fun as a regular motorcycle. Problem is, they’re expensive as heck, making it difficult to choose one over a gas-guzzling motorcycle, especially with the large difference in range. The Sondors Metacycle changes that by bringing you a fast and fun electric motorcycle option at a reasonably affordable price.

How affordable? Well, it starts at a price point that’s normally reserved for higher-end electric bicycles, all while costing around half as much as most entry-level electric motorcycles. Basically, it’s a really fast and powerful motorcycle at a 30 mph e-bike price range, making it an attractive option for those looking for a quiet, emissions-free two-wheeled ride.

The Sondors Metacycle doesn’t look like a conventional motorcycle. In fact, people might even mistake for an electric bicycle, with that large, gaping hole in the frame where the fuel tank will usually be. Despite the rather unassuming styling, it’s quite the powerful bike, housing a PMAC hub motor that delivers around 20 horsepower and a beefy 130 pound-feet of torque at its peak. For reference, that’s supposedly enough muscle to send it careening to top speeds of 80 mph, which should be enough to let you zip through highways and open roads in short order. It pairs that top speed with a light weight of just 200 pounds, so this should handle very nimbly, making it very manageable even for inexperienced riders.

A 4kWh battery feeds power to the hub motor, which can keep it cruising for a distance of up to 80 miles on a single charge. Obviously, that range will go down the more you push it to the speed limit, so it’s still largely a city commuter rather than a bike you can take across longer distances. The battery pack, which is mounted at the belly of the frame, is removable, making it possible to take off for charging, as well as swap in a backup battery, in case you want to extend the range. Charging, by the way, can be done at any 110-volt or 240-volt wall outlet, with the former filling it up in just four hours and even less than that at the higher voltage.

The Sondors Metacycle has all the elements required in a street-legal motorcycle, from the headlamps and tail lights to the mirrors and all that, while a sculpted saddle shaped for ergonomic performance allows you to operate the bike without any discomfort. It comes with digital display shows information on speed, battery level, and other operating elements, while an integrated phone compartment with a transparent cover lets you stash your phone out front while letting you see any onscreen alerts. Frame is cut in cast aluminum, which helps greatly with the lightweight build, while an inverted fork suspension out front provides the necessary rebound and compression adjustment. It uses hand-actuated disc brakes both front and rear to provide the necessary stopping power.

The Sondors Metacycle ships in the fourth quarter, priced at $5,000.

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