Solos Smart Cycling Glasses These cycling glasses combine an eye-level HUD, dual speakers, and dual mics, slapping a complete tech interface right on your face.


Bike computers are great, since they add detailed stats, navigation cues, and a whole load of useful information to every ride. Problem is, a bike computer requires you to, literally, look down and take your eyes off the road, making it a potential cause for nasty accidents.  That’s why people have been playing around with glasses-mounted HUDs and, so far, the Solos just might be the best we’ve seen of the lot.

If you follow the US cycling team, then you might have seen them training with Google Glass-style gizmos on their cycling glasses. Those are actually Solos’ HUD-equipped eyewear (they’re an official sponsor), which display information right on the eye level, so you never have to take your attention off the road.


Solos’ cycling glasses look like erstwhile regular riding eyewear, with a low-profile frame silhouette for minimal wind resistance, premium-quality optical lenses, and durable construction. Except, it comes fitted with a Vista Pupil display in front of the right lens, which can show data on real-time speed, cadence, heart rate, calories, distance, and elevation, as well as provide navigation prompts and other information. The display, by the way, is held on a movable arm, so you can adjust its angle for maximum visibility.


An integrated mic lets it pick up voice prompts, with dual speakers installed along the temples allowing it to provide audio (yes, you can use it for hands-free calls). Of course, it’s designed to do all that while paired to an accompanying app.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Solos. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $300.