Snow Peak Takibi Tsunagi A cross between coverall workwear and streetwear jumpsuits, this flame-resistant garment is designed to keep out the elements in the backcountry.


We’re big fans of Snow Peak’s apparel line, with its focus on outdoor gear bearing strong Asian design influences. It’s quite unique for the outdoor market. With the change of season, the outfit has also begun releasing its new collection for fall and winter. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the Snow Peak Takibi Tsunagi is easily the standout piece of the lot.

A coverall similar to the ones mechanics wear, the garment covers your entire upper and lower body, so you can work on your car’s engine without getting grease all over your normal clothes. Except, it’s designed with the outdoors in mind, making it more suited for those days you’re spending around camp, instead of those weekends you lock yourself inside the garage.


The Snow Peak Takibi Tsunagi actually feels like a cross between coverall workwear and streetwear jumpsuits, as you can wear it loose for comfort while doing the dirty work at camp or tighten it a bit using the drawstrings on the sides to get you a little styled up for a day around town. With a loose fit, it looks extremely comfortable to slip into, making it a great piece to put on, whether you’re spending the day fishing, hiking, or just goofing around at the campsite. Because it covers the entire body, it offers great protection, too, so you can minimize all the scrapes and nicks you typically collect whenever you go out adventuring in the wild.

It’s made from Teijin Conex, an aramid-based fabric that’s resistant to heat, flame, and chemicals, making it a great protective garment, whether you’re burning down rainforests, hiking on a nuclear waste dump, or just trying to keep all the elements away on a casual day hike with your pals. It’s also extremely durable, so you can brush up against sharp rocks, rough barks, and all sorts of other common backcountry hazards with the garment serving as a capable protective shield.


The Snow Peak Takibi Tsunagi sports a vintage-inspired aesthetic that, the outfit claims, can be a great fit for the streets and the trail alike. We tend to agree, although the loose fit does give it a more workwear-style feel, which might not be the ideal cut for those who like their streetwear with a sharper and smarter style. Drawstrings on each side of the jumpsuit allows you to tighten it around the waist area, though, so you can get a reprieve from its erstwhile shapeless form.


It has four large flap pockets, two on the lower torso and two on the legs, all of which are large enough to stash a good load of stuff. From food supplies and small tools to a book you can read during downtimes on the trail, the built-in pockets can accommodate a healthy stash of items. There are also two hand pockets discreetly situated on the upper flap pockets, so you can use it to warm your hands during colder days in the backcountry.

The Snow Peak Takibi Tsunagi is available now, priced at $565.

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