Snow Peak Mini Flame Lantern Place this on top of any standard fuel canister and transform it into a handy lantern for old-school, soft lighting around camp.


If fuel canisters are a regular part of your backpacking stash, might as well find uses for them beyond cooking your meals, heating your water, and lighting up any wild herb you decided to wrap in rolling paper. You know, like providing soft lighting around camp. That’s exactly what you can do to your fuel canisters when you pair them with the Snow Peak Mini Flame.

Designed to turn fuel canisters into old school lanterns, it lets you enjoy soft lighting at camp without having to use up whatever battery remains in your actual camp light. Granted, it’s not quite bright enough to let you do a whole load of things, but if you just want a little visibility at night, this thing should bring enough light to do the trick.


The Snow Peak Mini Flame affixes to the top of any standard fuel canister for camping and immediately turns it into a functional lantern. It boasts lighting that’s equivalent to the illumination of a strong candle, so it should bring some much-needed light to your immediate vicinity. Dimensions are 4.7 x 1.5 x 1.8 inches, so it shouldn’t take that much space in your pack, either, with aluminum, stainless steel, brass, rubber, and glass construction.

While you can use it with fresh canisters, it probably works best when used to burn up leftover fuel in old canisters, so you can use the darn things till the end. Just in case you’ve run of leftovers, though, a fresh 110g can will keep it burning for up to 15 hours straight.

Available now, the Snow Peak Mini Flame is priced at $39.95.