Snow Peak Living Lodge Snow Peak's group camping tent gives you 6.9 feet of headroom, all while allowing for multiple layouts and configurations.

Some people enjoy camping with a bivy, taking only the bare minimum to shelter them from the elements. Others prefer a backpacking tent that they crawl into for more reinforced protection. And then there are those who prefer large tents that can give you the space of a veritable outdoor cabin. The Snow Peak Living Lodge is designed for those folks.

Designed for group camping, it’s a large tent that can be arranged in a number of configurations, allowing you to not just enjoy a spacious shelter, but to lay it out in a number of ways.  Want to use it as a two-room tent to host two families during a glamping trip? Yep, that will work. How about as a single-room tent with an awning for your own family trip? That will work, too. Heck, you can even use it as a giant open-sided beach tarp for hanging out with your friends near the water.

The Snow Peak Living Lodge is, basically, a modular tent that can be set up in several layouts. The main structure consists of the poles, a roof that fully covers the floor area, and side walls that can be folded around the poles if you want to keep all the sides open. You can keep the side walls folded if you want to use it as an open-air shelter or deploy them to turn the whole thing into a single-room tent.

It also includes an inner tent that takes up around half of the floor area, which you can pitch if you want to divide the tent space into two distinct sections. With the inner tent in place, you can use the shelter as two separate bedrooms for sleeping, as well as use the inner tent as a bedroom and the rest of the space as a lounge area. You can also use the inner tent as the main shelter and the rest of the space as an open-air awning by simply folding the side walls. Basically, this allows for a number of configurations that offer flexibility during your time at camp.

The Snow Peak Living Lodge has an interior height of 6.9 inches, so there’s standing room inside, regardless of which part of the tent you’re in. Heck, there’s so much headroom, you can probably do jumping jacks inside and not hit any part of the ceiling, unless you’re a frontcourt player for a professional basketball team. Suffice to say, it’s going to be very comfortable using it as your shelter out in the wild. Construction for the outer panel consists of 300D Ox polyester with 2,000mm PU coating, 75D Ox polyester for the inner tent, 210D Ox polyester for the ground sheet, 6061 aluminum for the poles, and duralumin for the pegs.

It comes in two sizes: medium and large. The medium measures 22.3 x 13.1 x 7.9 feet (depth x width x height) and fits up to five people comfortably, while the large measures 28.2 x 17.1 x 7.9 feet and fits up to seven people. Of course, you can probably cram more people if you want, since, let’s be honest, that’s a whole lot of room in there. Do note, it’s heavy with the medium weighing nearly 53 pounds and the large weighing a whopping 65 pounds.

The Snow Peak Living Lodge is available now, priced starting at $1,749.95.

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