Sneakers Workwear Flexi Tool Bag This open-top container can secure a generous amount of tools, while strapping to your back for convenient handling and easy portability.


A small toolbox should work well enough for carrying all the hand tools you need to do repairs around the house. For serious jobs, though, you’re going to need to carry a container with a whole lot more room for the variety of tools you’ll require. The Flexi Tool Bag offers that generous amount of space while remaining reasonably portable.

Made by Snickers Workwear, it’s a cross between a bucket and a toolbox, with an open-top design, a wide profile, and built-in slots for holding different types of tools, ensuring they don’t move around and knock onto each other during transport. More importantly, it comes with multiple options for portable handling, offering a top handle for one-handed carrying and a pair of straps for carrying a heavier set of tools right on your back.


The Snickers Flexi Tool Bag is made from hardwearing, high-density polyethylene, ensuring it can rough it through all the dangers of the job site, with a rubber-plastic bottom that should keep it from moving around on the floor while reducing the risk of leaving marks. An ergonomically curved shape ensures it doesn’t create a hindrance during carrying, whether on your side or on your back, while the outside padding should ensure it also feels comfortable at the same time. Features include adjustable and padded backpack straps, a foldable rubber-clad handle, durable tool loops and compartments, and an optional rain/dust cover.

Available in four sizes (from 15 liters to 30 liters), the Flexi Tool Bag is priced starting at £80.