SmootTech Pro Hair Removal System For Men A complete end-to-end system, this hair removal kit for men looks after your skin from start to finish.


It’s not the first hair removal product designed for use by men. The SmootTech Pro, however, is the first to offer an end-to-end system that won’t just remove hair in the shower, but also prevent irritation at every step of the way.

Unlike most hair removal products for men, this is specifically-formulated for the rougher sex, rather than a rebranded version of something from their women’s line. And, yes, it’s way easier compared to using razors and clippers, ensuring you can smooth out your back, chest, and other hairy body parts much faster than before.


The basic SmoothTech Pro kit bundles two lotions, ST1 Eliminate and ST2 Reduce, with the former performing the hair removal process and the latter slowing down regrowth by destroying the chemical connection of the hair shaft at the root. It also comes with a back applicator called the wingman, which lets you reach around to cover your hairy back in the depilatory lotion, not unlike the back shavers we’ve seen. Aside from removing hair, the ST1 also restores skin moisture, fights free radicals, and exfoliates the skin, while the ST2 pulls multiple duty hydrating skin, reducing moisture loss, and promoting healthy skin cell growth.

Using the kit takes under 10 minutes from start to end, although it might vary based on thickness, coarseness, and the sheer amount of hair you have on tap. Aside from the basic kit, they also offer additional pre- and post-removal products to produce a complete end-to-end system.

Pricing for the SmootTech Pro starts at $29.99.

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