Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base Layer Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base LayerSmartwool's 3D-knit base layer changes up construction in various sections, creating a near-custom fit for optimized durability and freedom of movement.


In the last few years, 3D (and 4D) knitting has become a big thing in footwear, with everyone from big brands to Chinese knockoff makers embracing the technology. It’s a very efficient way of manufacturing knitted products, after all, allowing you to manipulate fabric in creative ways while leaving very little waste. For consumers, that means better-looking garments with no seams, removing potential friction points and stitched sections that can otherwise tear. The Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base Layer is one such item.

A 3D-knit base layer, it provides the same insulation and moisture-wicking ability as similar garments, all while being lighter and more comfortable, courtesy of the modern construction. Whether you wear it with a light jacket, a heavy raincoat, or a full-fledged winter shell, this thing should make a nice addition to all of your cold weather ensemble.


The Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base Layer uses a fabric blend of merino wool, polyester, and elastane, allowing it to exhibit all the cold weather benefits of merino, the fast-drying properties of polyester, and the stretch of elastane. To the unfamiliar, merino wool is highly-regarded for its insulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking qualities, while also being odor-resistant and gentle on the skin. Yeah, it’s basically a super-fabric, as far as winter garments are concerned. Suffice to say, this blend makes a perfect material for right on top of your body, as it will keep you both toasty and dry, no matter how busy you get underneath multiple layers of clothing.

According to Smartwool, they also body-mapped the garment, so it’s constructed differently in various sections, providing better freedom of movement in some areas and better durability in others, creating a near-custom fit. Some sections also come with mesh ventilation that’s been seamlessly knit in place, further improving air circulation to keep you dry while you’re performing high-activity tasks. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, or fishing in the cold, this thing will ensure you’re not covered in sweat the whole time you’re engaged.


The Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base Layer is clad in a long-sleeved, crew-neck design, so your upper body is properly covered, with an athletic cut that should fit snug over your torso.  That means, if you wear this on its own during warmer days, it’s essentially a slim-fit crew neck that shows off your every muscle on your body (or every chubby body part, whichever the case may be), instead of looking like a sweater as most traditional base layers.


It comes in three colors: black, deep navy, and Tibetan red (which, apparently, is a really dark shade of red). While the body mapping is mostly inconspicuous on the navy and red versions (save for various sections), it’s heavily apparent on the black variant, as some of the differently-knitted sections come in a noticeably different shade, making it a little more interesting as the garment looks like its sporting some kind of fancy pattern.

Want one? The Smartwool Intraknit 200 Crew Base Layer is available now, priced at $120.

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