SlideBelts Survival Belt The newest addition to SlideBelts' roster of hole-free ratchet belts comes with a removable buckle that doubles as a handy survival multi-tool.


It looks like a normal belt with clean looks and a low profile. You know, the kind you can wear with everything from jeans-and-tee to a nice suit. Underneath the classic façade of the Survival Belt, however, lies a handy multi-tool that you should find handy, whether for mundane tasks around the city or actual survival needs in the outdoors.

Made by SlideBelts, it uses the outfit’s ratchet belt design, which uses teeth on the underside of the belt strap instead of holes to lock the belt in place. As such, it looks clean while delivering a precise fit, just like all of the belts currently in the outfit’s line. Unlike those other belts, though, it’s designed to serve other functions.


The Survival Belt has a buckle that can be easily removed from the waist strap and used as a functional multi-tool. It comes with a fold-out blade for various cutting duties, a Ferrocerium rod for starting fires, a removable flashlight for instant illumination, and even a bottle opener since you obviously don’t have enough of that in your life (just kidding, we’re sure you’re tired of bottle openers, too). The blade, by the way, is made from AUS-8 stainless steel with a titanium nitride coating, so this should handle a good load of knife tasks.


Construction is glass-filled nylon for the buckle and a proprietary blend of synthetic materials for the strap, which combines a durable PVC protective outer with a strong internal webbing. Features include UV protection (neither the belt nor strap will crack under sun exposure), abrasion resistance, and easy cleaning (just wipe down with a damp cloth).

Now available for preorder with a September 1st ship date, the SlideBelts Survival Belt is priced at $180.