Skill Board Balance Board This upgraded balance board adds 360-degree rotation to your movements, so you can train your balance and core strength like never before.

We’re big fans of balance boards, those erstwhile simple gym equipment that lets you build your core strength, balance, and overall fitness. And like many workout gear, it continues to evolve. That evolution continues with the Skill Board, a more challenging version of the multi-purpose workout tool.

Like other balance boards, the equipment can be used all on its own, allowing you to improve balance, build core strength, and train body awareness with nothing but gear that can stash in your closet, as well as combine with other exercises to help engage more muscles even when performing the most basic of movements. Unlike those balance boards with their limited side-to-side movement, though, this thing incorporates 360-degree rotations, expanding the kind of movements you can do on a balance board for even more intense training.

The Skill Board consists of an eight-layer plywood slab built like a wakeboard that measures 36.5 x 19.5 x 0.5 inches (width x depth x thickness), with smooth beveled edges creating a shape that, the outfit claims, has been tested to deliver the best ride. It’s offered in two finishes: smooth and grip. Smooth is designed for those who work out barefooted, as it gives you a smooth surface that feels comfortable underneath your feet, while the grip comes with skateboard grip tape on the footpads to provide extra hold, regardless of what shoes you are wearing.

They pair it with two sizes of rubber balls, small (6.75-inch diameter) and large (8.5-inch diameter), that are both designed to hold their shape whenever they’re being ridden, so the ball won’t warp while carrying your weight, which could cause the board to shift in erratic ways. The smaller ball is designed for novice users, as it’s supposed to be easier to balance, while users are expected to move on to the larger one as soon as they’re comfortable with the movements.

The Skill Board’s balls are able to retain their shape through the use of nylon windings on the exterior, while the quality rubber construction won’t squeak at any point throughout your workouts, so you won’t have to put up with annoying noises at any point in time. A hand pump with a precise pressure gauge is included, by the way, so you can inflate the balls to an exact amount of air pressure. This is significant, by the way, because the outfit recommends different PSI ratings, depending on the kind of training you’re doing. Specifically, they recommend 2 to 3 PSI for first-time sessions, 4 to 5 PSI for those that practice staying on the board, 6 to 7 PSO for moving back and forth, and 8 to 9 PSI for the full range of motions.

Do you need this board in your life? Probably not. If you already incorporate balance boards in your workout, though, it’s definitely the next level upgrade you want to take, as the inclusion of 360-degree movement expands you training possibilities like never before.

A Kickstarter is currently running for the Skill Board. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $89.

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