Shoeblox Vertical Storage System Ever wish you can display your limited edition shoes up the wall like a treasured work of art? This vertical shoe storage system does just that, all while providing plenty of flexibility in how you want your shoes shown off.


People can judge you all they want, but you love shoes. From runners and plimsoles to wingtips and oxfords, you adore finely-made footwear. And we can respect that. So why not turn an empty patch of wall in your house into a veritable shoe display? That’s exactly what you can do with the Shoeblox.

You know how a frame holds pictures and posters up a wall? Well, this thing does the same thing, except for footwear. Simply mount one of these things up the wall and turn your favorite limited edition kicks into a display you can admire any time of the day. Or put a dozen or so up to turn an erstwhile patch of wall into a sprawling shoe cabinet (hopefully, you don’t mind starting at shoes every time your eyes turn to the wall).


The Shoeblox consists of a metal board that you mount up the wall and four brackets for holding the shoes in place. Small magnets inside the brackets allow you to adjust them to any height on the metal board, allowing it to accommodate any size of shoe, from kiddie-sized to NBA center proportions. Do note, while it’s designed to hold the shoes vertically (top view), the movable brackets mean you can get creative with how you actually show off the shoes. That means, you can experiment with bracket placements for different display options, making for quite a versatile solution. It comes in two sizes: medium (15 x 14 inches) and large (18 x 14 inches).


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Shoeblox. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $55.