Shinola x Sleepy Jones Muhammad Ali Robe Shinola's Muhammad Ali collection comes with this luxurious garment that pairs the silhouette of the classic boxing robe with premium bathrobe materials.


Shinola just dropped a limited-edition Muhammad Ali collection, the star of which is, unsurprisingly, a Detroit-built analog watch. As much as I admire that timepiece, though, the one I’d really like to pick up is this Shinola x Sleepy Jones Muhammad Ali Robe that lets you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee while jumping around in front of the bathroom mirror.

No, it’s not an actual robe like boxers wear to the ring. Instead, it’s a bath robe that you can use to dry and cover yourself after a warm shower, no different from the ones you currently have in the bathroom. Except, of course, with Muhammad Ali’s name written across the back, so you can lounge around the house acting like the former heavyweight champion of the world.


The Shinola Muhammad Ali Robe is a “luxurious loungewear piece” with a cut that’s based on the classic boxing robe, so it bears some semblance to the shiny hooded robes that boxers walk out to during a fight. Unlike boxing robes, though, it’s not made from shiny satin. Instead, it’s cut in a 100-percent cotton oxford fabric and lined with terry cotton for absorbing all the moisture off your skin. It comes in white, with the type in the back printed in black, along with the famed boxer’s signature embroidered near the bottom of the left hem edge.


Available now, the Shinola x Sleepy Jones Muhammad Ali Robe is priced at $275.