Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool Shinola takes Leatherman's popular Charge AL and turns it into something even better with this exclusive multi-tool.


We’re big fans of the Leatherman Charge AL multi-tool, as it bundles some of the most commonly-used tools in a compact yet functional size. The Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool updates the popular Charge AL with a few extra items that, Shinola believes, its customer base will find a whole lot more useful.

In particular, they threw in a bike hex tool to make it useful for daily commutes, along with a spring bar tool for removing and installing straps on your Shinola watches. That’s right, a multi-tool that can come handy when you need to change straps on a watch, so you can finally leave that separate spring bar tool you bring along during trips.


The Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool doesn’t remove any of the original tools from the Charge AL, so you still get two pliers (needlenose and regular), two wire cutters, two blades, a saw, scissors, a metal file, a diamond-coated file, a ruler, a bottle opener, a can opener, a wire stripper, and a screwdriver with an accompanying bit kit. It also retains the lanyard rings and the detachable pocket clip. Aside from the two extra tools, Shinola gave the multi-tool their signature matte navy anodized exterior, along with an accompanying leather sheath to make it easier to carry around.


Available now, the Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool is priced at $250.

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