Shinola Gummy Worm Detrola The newest version of Shinola's staple timepiece comes decked in bright primary colors, so you have a watch to wear when you're in a cheery mood.

They call it, “the ultimate arm candy.” Because, you know, it’s colored like that classic stretchy, chewy candy that look like wiggly creatures that roam on the dirt. And while most guys won’t wear something this colorful as an everyday watch, the Shinola Gummy Worm Detrola sure makes a fine addition to anyone’s timepiece collection for those times you want to add a little (okay, a lot) more color to your ensemble.

That’s a right, it’s a watch that’s an entire mood, making it perfect to wear for those days you’re in a particularly cheery disposition. Whether you want to spruce up your boring business casual outfit to work, add even more shiny pieces to your clubbing outfit, or look like you’re wearing a watch straight out of the 80s, this looks like just the thing to slap around your wrist.

The Shinola Gummy Worm Detrola, basically, takes the outfit’s staple watch model and decks it in candy-like colors, starting out with the 43 mm TR90 resin case, which comes covered in a semi-transparent yellow finish that’s glossy at the rear edges. Yes, it’s really yellow and not some fancy shade of gold like other watch cases typically come in. The case, by the way, comes with the outfit’s signature back plate with a laser-etched serial number, and comes in at 12.55 mm thick. It has 5ATM of water resistance, so you should be able to keep this on during recreational activities in shallow water.

Beneath the double-domed K1 crystal is a semi-transparent green dial, allowing you a peek into part of the quartz movement underneath, complete with a pretty clear view of the watch’s date function mechanism. They pair that dial with bright white markers and Super-Luminova hands to keep things visible even in the dark.

The Shinola Gummy Worm Detrola rounds out the colorful theme with a semi-transparent red silicone strap, basically giving folks a full serving of cheery primary colors. Do note, it’s not very transparent at all, so you’ll likely only appreciate the translucent quality when you shine a light on it (and you see some of it go through). At any rate, it’s a playful-looking strap that really complements the rest of the timepiece. Of course, you can also swap in any of your 22mm straps (it’s quick release), in case you want to accessorize with a transparent dial but aren’t feeling like rocking the candy red band.

Just like other Shinola timepieces (like this Dressy Bolt and this blacked-out Runwell), the watch uses an Argonite quartz movement (705, in this case), which the outfit hand-assembles in their own workshops using a variety of imported parts. It comes with hours, minutes, seconds, and date indicator functions. The whole thing, by the way, comes in a colorful box with actual gummy worm prints all over to really complete the classic candy vibe. And yes, the box is sized large enough to fit a decent load of actual gummi worms inside, in case you want a fancy box for your sweet and chewy snacks.

The Shinola Gummy Worm Detrola is available now, priced at $395.

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