Sharkk Bravo Headphones Using electrostatic tech for the highs and traditional drivers for the bass and low mids, these $250 headphones deliver a unique sound.


Electrostatic headphones are a big deal for audiophiles, as they enable the kind of audio reproduction that just isn’t possible with conventional electrodynamic designs. Problem is, entry level for electrostatic headphones usually roam somewhere in the four figures, with prices going up to mid-five figures for the high-end stuff.  While we’re not sure how well it will perform, the Sharkk Bravo wants to deliver electrostatic tech at a significant fraction of the price.

With a retail price of $250, these headphones bring down the usually high bar for electrostatic headphones, opening up the usually inaccessible category to a whole lot of users.  Granted, it’s not entirely electrostatic, as it uses a hybrid system that combines electrostatic components with a traditional driver, so while it won’t sound as good as an entry-level Stax, it should deliver more bang for the buck than most headphones you can get at the same price.


The Bravo Headphones actually use the Hybrid Electrostatz tech from Verisonix, which relies on an electrostatic membrane for high frequency sound up to 45kHz and a 40mm dome-type driver for the bass and lower mids. Unlike fully electrostatic headphones, this won’t require a high-voltage power supply, so you can just stick it to the 3.5mm input on your phone to listen to your music. Features include over-the-ear cups (with closed back for passive noise cancellation), a flexible headband with soft cushion, and a light weight of just 10.3 ounces.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Sharkk Bravo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $199.