Serac Sequoia XL Camping Hammock Longer and wider than other single-person hammocks, this XL-sized hanging sack offers plenty of room for lounging the day away.


Any hammock can make camping more relaxing, but you have to admit, a bigger hammock with a lot more space will always make for a better lounging experience. With a size that’s wider and longer than most single-person hammocks, that’s exactly what the Serac Sequoia XL provides.

Measuring almost 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, this hammock will never make you feel cramped, ensuring you’ll enjoy every minute spent sleeping while snoring really loudly inside its cradle. Whether you hang it in the backyard, the beach, or a picturesque backwoods camping spot, lounging in this bigger-than-usual hammock should be so much better.


Designed for better comfort and convenience, the Serac Sequoia XL comes with integrated tree straps, allowing you to hang it without tying complicated knots, making both set up and take down a less laborious affair. It even comes with 10 different anchor points on the straps, allowing you to easily control both the height and slack. Six gear loops along the edges allow you to hang items on the hammock, all while doubling as guy lines for hanging it with a flatter profile.


While designed for a single person, it’s rated to handle up to 400 pounds, so we guess two people can squeeze in, provided they’re within the weight limit. For portability, it packs into a compact bundle into the integrated compression sack measuring just 7 x 6 inches.

Available now, the Serac Sequoia XL is priced at $59.95.