Sennheiser GSP 30 Wireless Gaming Headset


While Sennheiser is best known for headphones that audiophiles can appreciate, they’ve since used their audio expertise to benefit the gaming crowd. And while we’ve heard great things about many of their releases in the space, the Sennheiser GSP 30 headset is looking to get your attention not through audio fidelity. Instead, it’s looking to sneak its way in your gaming setup with its battery life.

Boasting an impressive 100 hours of playtime between charges, the headphones should last an average gamer months before needing to be plugged in again. Even if you’re one of those hardcore folks who spend the better part of the day grinding on a mouse-and-keyboard setup, this thing’s endurance ratings means you won’t have to charge for, at least, a month or two.


The Sennheiser GSP 30 is a wireless gaming headset that’s compatible with PCs, Macs, and PS4s (sorry Xbox users). Instead of using Bluetooth, though, it pairs with your gaming machine using an included receiver dongle to ensure low-latency performance with near-zero delay, so you can hear and communicate everything you need in-game in real time. No word on what drivers it’s using, but given the unanimous praise Sennheiser’s gaming headsets have gotten in the past, we imagine this will perform the same way, at least as far as hearing your game and your teammates are concerned.

It has an over-ear design that’s based on the closed acoustic technology used in the outfit’s award-winning GSP 300, which means it should provide passive noise cancellation while maximizing the sounds of all the audio you’re hearing. There’s an integrated DSP, by the way, to enhance the audio experience, giving the users exceptional acoustic clarity, whether you’re listening to tracks on Spotify or the sounds of oncoming footsteps in a first-person shooter.


The Sennheiser GSP 30 pairs the audio hardware with a noise-cancelling microphone that actively minimizes background noise, so your teammates can hear your comms clearly, without ambient sounds getting in the way. It has a unidirectional pickup pattern, so you can position the boom arm any way you want, although raising the arm all the way up automatically mutes the mic. Memory foam is used as primary material for the ear pads, which should conform to the shape of your ears to provide the perfect fit, with the foam covered in faux leather on the outside for better sound insulation and suede on the inside to reduce heat buildup (less sweating on the ears).


An adjustable headband allows you to tailor it to the size of your head, while a split headband padding creates less pressure at the top of your noggin. The ear cups are connected with ball-joint hinges, too, which means they’ll adjust to the shape of your shape automatically. And yes, it can stay paired with the receiver even when charging, so there’s no need to pause a game, in case you need to replenish the battery.

Want one? The Sennheiser GSP 30 wireless gaming headset is priced at $199.95.

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