Search and State S3-B Base Layer This cycling shirt's fabric will keep things toasty, while the athletic fit makes it ideal for wearing under a thermal suit for ultimate riding freedom.


Any good thermal shirt can make for a great base layer for braving winter mornings on a trusted commuter bicycle. If you’re looking for one with the kind of styling that will wear well after you get off the bike and on your feet, we’re really sold on Search and State’s S3-B Base Layer.

Representing the outfit’s vision of a perfect base layer for cycling, it pairs a classic sportswear look with technical features, giving you a shirt that should play nice with any urban wardrobe, while providing the necessary performance to keep your rides comfortable even in chilly weather. Just layer it under an equally capable thermal jersey or riding jacket to make sure you stay toasty while making your way around the city.


The Search and State S3-B Base Layer sports a next-to-skin athletic fit that makes it viable for slipping under a riding suit, although you can always size up if you prefer riding with a jacket for a more relaxed fit. It’s made from a merino blend that should deliver the vaunted material’s thermal, wicking, and antibacterial capabilities in generous doses, with durable construction that should see it last you well past the season. Features include a two-button poplin placket, shoulder panels for added protection, and a single-shuttle military inspired trim label. It uses merino wool that’s sourced and knitted right in the US, with the actual shirt stitched right at the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District.

Available now, the Search and State S3-B Base Layer is priced at $95.