Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat Spring to Summit's inflatable mat just might be the best backcountry bed for your next camping adventure.


It’s not the cheapest option in inflatable sleeping mats. If you want a backcountry bed that adeptly tows the fine line between sleeping comfort and convenient portability, though, there are few that will give the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat a run for its money.

Sporting a unique dual-layer construction with separate air chambers, the mattress can be adjusted to the exact level of comfort you require. You can, for instance, pump the bottom layer for maximum pressure to ensure a firm base, all while fine-tuning the air on the upper layer to deliver that balance of firmness and plush that will get you sleeping like a baby.


The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat also integrates five of the outfit’s air-sprung cells, which function like individual coils to distribute your body’s weight across the bed, eliminating that mushy feeling you get from many inflatable bed solutions. Trick air valves allow you to pressurize each chamber completely with just 6 to 10 breaths, so you can, literally, get the bed ready in just a minute’s worth of blowing.  Deflation is even faster, with the whole thing going flat just seconds after opening the integrated dump valve.


Features include Exkin Platinum and Thermolite insulation for quality heat retention, 40D rip-stop nylon face fabric construction, liquid-extruded laminated TPU, an included stuff sack, and a repair kit for patching up punctures. It comes in both rectangular and tapered shapes.

Available now, pricing for the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat starts at $198.