SDR D3 Traveller Duffel Designed to look like it's never overstuffed, this bag will make sure you can travel with a load of gear without attracting unwanted attention.


It looks like any generic black duffel. And, well, that’s the point behind the SDR D3 Traveller. Designed to blend in rather than stand out, the bag makes a point of looking insignificant and unremarkable, making it perfect for folks who don’t like to draw attention when they’re traveling with a big cache of gear in tow.

You know how when you’re traveling internationally and regularly crossing borders, bags that stand out of because of their appearance, including looking like they will explode from being too packed, frequently get subjected to inspection. Not only that, they make a prime target for thieving, too, making them less-than-ideal if you want to get around with minimum hassle.


Aside from the SDR D3 Traveller’s erstwhile generic looks, the bag also blends in better by never looking overstuffed. How? By coming with a dual shell construction that suspends the inner layer inside the outer layer (basically, it’s a bag within a bag), allowing you to pack it to the brim, all while maintaining a relaxed appearance. It also comes with carrying styles that have been strategically incorporated to further reinforce the discreet appearance, ensuring nothing is ever bulging even when you’re packed to the brim.


Construction is Dyneema, so it is extra-durable (two times stronger than Kevlar) and completely waterproof. Features include water-resistant zippers, two stash pockets, aluminum carabiners, a 39-liter volume, and the ability to pack into the size of a rolled-up sweatshirt.


Available now, the SDR D3 Traveller is priced at $745.

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