Savage Industries Apron Designed by Adam Savage, this shop apron protects your clothes from grease and grime, while coming with tons of pockets for tools and supplies.

There’s no shortage of shop aprons in the market. Not only do they put up an effective barrier to protect your clothes from grease, dirt, and all the other muck you encounter, they also offer a handy way to carry tools around. The Savage Industries Apron accomplishes both those things with flying colors, all while bringing a rugged aesthetic that looks perfectly at home in any workshop, garage, or job site.

Designed by Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, it was originally conceived as a project for his Tested website, where he design and creates a small project for an entire day on video. Well, after that came out and he got some feedback, he put the finishing touches on the design and this product, a split-leg apron with tons of pockets and cut in durable materials, is the result.

The Savage Industries Apron doesn’t simply tie around your neck or your waist like a typical kitchen apron, since it’s meant to carry a lot of tools on top of serving as a protective barrier. As such, it gets wide nylon webbing straps that extend down the back all the way to the waist, distributing all the load in an efficient manner. The straps are adjustable, so you can shorten or lengthen them, depending on how you want the garment to fit. As we mentioned, this is split leg, so instead of a skirt-like hem down the waist, it’s split into two parts that you can secure to your legs using their own individual strap and clasp combo.

The apron itself is made from heavy-duty 18oz canvas, so this should hold up to the roughhousing it’s going to get in the shop, with various oiled tanned leather elements all over the garment. According to the outfit, both materials were chosen not only for their durability, but also the way their aesthetic is likely to evolve as they weather and age, so it’s a garment that should continue to look good over time.

The Savage Industries Apron has five leather pockets on the chest, each one sized for pens, screwdrivers, and similarly-sized small hand tools. There’s also two large canvas pockets on the front of the waist, each of which can fit an entire hand with room to spare, along with a large leather pocket on each leg with a pen-sized pouch in front of each. Finally, there are two leather loops on the sides that you can use to carry hammers, wrenches, and similar tools.

While obviously designed for the workshop, we imagine something like this can find plenty of use around the house. This garment should prove handy when you’re gardening, for instance, as it won’t only hold a bunch of hand tools, it should keep all that garden dirt away from your clothes, too. Same as when you’re cleaning the grill, doing routine maintenance on the car, and a whole host of other domestic tasks. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. To give you an idea of their size, the small gets an 8.75-inch chest width, the medium 9 inches, and the large 11.125 inches.

The Savage Industries Apron is available now, priced at $95.

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