Sanuk Skuner Sustainasole Sanuk's new comfy footwear boasts undyed recycled upper and recycled footbed, as well as an outsole that's 75 percent recycled.

If you care about the environment, then supporting more sustainable products is a simple but important action you can make. What better way to be an environmentally-conscious consumer than to spend your money on products that do minimal damage to the planet compared to other options? If you’re in the market for a relaxed and comfy shoe, the Sanuk Skuner Sustainasole definitely makes for an environmentally-friendly alternative.

A part of the outfit’s Sustainasole collection, the footwear boasts a construction that’s made up of, at least, 55 percent recycled materials. That’s right, more than half of its raw materials are things that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, which should make you feel good every time you run around with these things on your feet, whether you’re dropping off goods at the recycling center, volunteering at the neighborhood garden, or filling up your compost pile in the backyard.

The Sanuk Skuner Sustainasole is made with an upper cut in 100 percent GRS-certified fibers, made up of 65 percent recycled cotton and 35 percent recycled PET bottles. Despite the recycled build, it looks just like the canvas upper used in the outfit’s other shoes, so there’s no aesthetic downside to the recycled construction, as far as the upper is concerned. Right beneath the upper, the comfy foot bed combines 15 percent virgin material with 85 percent recycled polyurethane foam, with an interior lining of 100 percent GRS-certified polyester.

The outsole uses a foam made from Blumaka’s patented manufacturing technology, which, similarly, combines recycled foam with virgin foam. According to the outfit, the recycled foam uses leftover scrap from other shoe manufacturing operations that are collected and ground into smaller pieces that are used as filler for the outsole material. Yes, those black and white spots on the outsole are actually ground foam mixed into their raw manufacturing materials.

The Sanuk Skuner Sustainasole is completely undyed, a conscious act that makes the footwear even more sustainable. By skipping the dyeing process, the outfit claims that they save 115 gallons of water from being used for every pair of shoes. Yes, 115 gallons sound like a ridiculous number just to dye a slab of canvas material, but apparently, that’s really how much water the process uses. The shoe features three eyelets, white shoelaces, and a woven label made from recycled PET bottles. And yes, the darn thing is perfectly safe to machine-wash, so you can throw it in with the rest of the laundry for convenient clean up.

It’s not the only shoe in Sanuk’s sustainable shoe line, by the way. For men, there’s a slip-on model called Chiba, which has a bit less sustainability credentials (it’s dyed and uses Ortholite on the footbed), but should be more comfortable. For women, there’s one slip-on model that comes in dyed and undyed variants, in case you want to buy your significant other a pair, so you can be sustainably-styled in unison.

Want a pair? The Sanuk Skuner Sustainasole is available now, priced at $65.

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