Sanborn x Duluth Canoe Pack A collaboration between Sanborn and Duluth, this backpack has 5,300 cubic inches of room for carrying all your boating supplies.


Apparently, people who like to ride canoes usually carry a lot of stuff. At least, that’s the impression we’re getting from the Sanborn x Duluth Canoe Pack, a monster-sized backpack for folks who don’t care about traveling light.

Equipped with 5,300 cubic inches of room, the bag can fit a ridiculous amount of gear, ensuring you can carry a big load of supplies. Whether you’re fishing, exploring the lake, or just camping out for the weekend, this thing should accommodate everything you need to enjoy your time out in the outdoors.


The Sanborn x Duluth Canoe Pack is made from 15-oz waxed canvas, so it should shed water like boss, ensuring you can use it to protect your supplies on a boat without any problems. Bigger than your usual backpack, it measures 26 x 28 inches (height x width), so it’s going to be a little awkward to haul around and probably even more awkward to find space for in your car. It comes with a simple, minimalist design, with a stripped-down aesthetic that’s reminiscent of vintage bag designs.

Features include hand-riveted leather flap straps, cotton webbing shoulder straps, high-quality buckles, three leather straps on the flap, and a replaceable polyester liner. While designed for carrying as a backpack, it comes with a detachable shoulder strap for carrying like a duffel. Well, a really, really large duffel.

Available now, the Sanborn x Duluth Canoe Pack is priced at $255.

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