Sanborn SUP Board & Paddle Set We prefer inflatable SUPs because they're convenient, too, but tell me you'd rather not hit the flats on a board that looks this good?


We’re big fans of inflatable SUPs and their ability to enable more convenient transport than traditional options. If you have a board as good-looking as the Sanborn SUP Board & Paddle Set, however, you might actually prefer leaving the blow-up SUP at home and loading this up the roof rack instead.

Made from western red cedar, aspen, and cherry, this thing brings a styling and finish that looks more suited to a canoe than your usual SUP. Simply put, it looks premium, allowing you to hit the local flat waters with a more refined style.


The Sanborn SUP Board & Paddle Set is, of course, fiberglass-coated to keep it cruising smoothly across the water, with an epoxy tip guard enabling a strong ride. It measures 126 x 30 x 4.75 inches (length x width x depth) and weighs 35 pounds, so you shouldn’t have much problems mounting it on the roof or carrying it down to the water, with the accompanying paddle sporting a 78-inch length and an 8-inch-wide blade.


Both the board and paddle are hand-crafted and hand-painted directly from Sanborn’s Minnesota workshop, so there’s some sweet craftsmanship behind this thing. Each one is made upon ordering, though, and takes around two months to fulfill.

Available exclusively through Wilson x Willy’s, the Sanborn SUP Board & Paddle Set is priced at $3,235.

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