Saint Unbreakable Jeans Saint's Moto Jeans boast a cotton-and-Dyneema construction that makes it 133 times more resistant to tearing than regular cotton denim.


Most people put their jeans to abuse and some of that abuse can end up destroying it. If you’ve had that happen, then you’re in the league of people who need a stronger pair of jeans. And from what we can tell, you won’t find anything much tougher than the Saint Unbreakable Jeans.

We know, denim doesn’t break, but there are plenty of ways to tear, slice, and otherwise mangle a perfectly good pair of pants. According to Saint, that won’t happen here. That’s because they’re using a denim blend that the outfit is touting as “the world’s strongest denim,” boasting a construction that’s 133 times more resistant to wearing and tearing from impact abrasion compared to standard 14-oz. cotton denim.


If you’re wondering how denim can be so tough, that’s because the fabric they use in the Saint Unbreakable Jeans blends cotton with 66% UHMWPE Dyneema, one of the world’s strongest fibers. Aside from the unusually durable material, it also boasts triple-stitching and bound seams, making for a pair of trousers whose every square inch is practically fortified. Even better, it wears like regular denim, so you can rock it all day the same way you do with any trusted pair of pants.


Designed as suitable trousers for motorcycling, Saint claims it will take approximately 45 meters of sliding on hard pavement before small tears even start showing up on the fabric, so this could very well protect you even without extra armoring. Features include a slim fit, YKK zippers, and 3M reflective tape on the cuffs.

Available now, the Saint Unbreakable Jeans is priced at $600.