RXBar Protein Bar With less than nine all-natural ingredients and no added sugar, this just might be the healthiest protein bar ever.


Protein bars are great for injecting a big hit of energy into your system. Problem is, it usually does that while flooding your body with a big load of sugar and other questionable ingredients. If you prefer protein bars that as concerned about your health as you are, you might want to check out RXBar.

Created with no added sugar and simple ingredients you won’t need a chemistry background to pronounce, this protein bar won’t leave any questions about what you’re putting in your body. Instead of over a dozen ingredients listed in tiny print, all main ingredients are listed plainly on the package, with each flavor using no more than eight ingredients apiece to ensure you understand what it is you’re eating.


RXBar’s main ingredients consist of three egg whites and an assortment of nuts (they use either cashews, peanuts, dates, almonds, or pecans, depending on the flavor), along with whatever natural food products a flavor requires. Maple Sea Salt, for instance, combines the egg whites and nuts with sea salt and natural maple flavor, while the Coffee Chocolate variant throws in cacao, coffee, sea salt, and a natural coffee flavoring.


The same thing is done with all the flavors in the line, with no GMO, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, and no added sweetening whatsoever. They currently have nine flavors on the roster, so you don’t have to eat the exact same flavor every day of the week.

Pricing for the RXBar is set at $25.99 per box of 12.