RVLock Security Keypad for RVs Secure your motorhome with this replacement lock sporting an electronic keypad.


Getting an RV is awesome – you get yourself a vehicle that you can treat like a veritable home on the road. Problem is, we tend to get comfortable at home, leaving us quite carefree when it comes to leaving precious stuff exposed inside the camper. That means, an intruder only needs to pick the locks to your motorhome to get whatever valuable cargo it’s carrying. Yeah, you’ll want to reinforce your RV’s security. The RVLock offers a good first step.

A security keypad with integrated locking mechanisms and channeled wiring, the device essentially serves as a functional replacement to the standard lock on your RV, eliminating a would-be burglar’s ability to open its doors with simple lock-picking. With one million possible combinations, it makes your RV a whole lot more difficult to get into, keeping any cargo it’s carrying just a little bit safer than before.


The RVLock is a replacement lock designed to go into the same slot as the RV’s built-in door lock, so you can install it without having to drill any extra holes. They have three types of replacement locks: a universal model (fits most trailers), a more compact universal model, and one for class C/A motorhomes. All three are offered in left-handed and right-handed versions, so you can buy one that’s perfectly suited to your particular vehicle.


Each one comes with number keypads, light indicators, and heavy-duty steel locking mechanisms, with a programmable combination, so you can easily change the security code, in case you worry that it’s been compromised. While designed to engage and disengage using the keypad, they also have two key holes, in case you forgot the code (it comes with two keys), as well as a remote for disengaging the lock at the push of a button. It runs using four AA batteries (you’ll need to use the keys to open the locks if the batteries run out, by the way).

The RVLock is available now, with prices starting at $199.99.

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