Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio Elevate your pocket notebooks by wrapping it in premium cowhide using Rustico's handsome leather folios.


We’re big fans of Field Notes’ notebooks, which combine a pocket-friendly size with stylish covers that make them quite the interesting accessory. If you prefer your notebooks with a bit more panache, though, wrapping it in a leather skin is definitely one way to elevate the aesthetic. That’s exactly what you get with the Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio.

A leather cover, the accessory is designed to hold a pair of Field Notes’ notebooks (the regular ones, not that reporter’s variant), giving you 96 pages to scribble your thoughts on. Whether you’re a writer who likes to jot down random lines that pop in your head, a designer who brainstorms your ideas on paper, or just some dude who uses a notebook to keep your thoughts organized, this thing should help class up your everyday writing materials.


The Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio is an erstwhile standard leather cover that designed to fold in half, holding your notebooks in between, albeit with a triangle-shaped sleeve on the right side that you can use to close the whole thing up. It has one insert pocket each on the left and right side where you can secure the covers of one notebook, with the option to attach the front cover on one notebook and the back cover on a second notebook, so you can have yourself two sets of pads all squared snugly in your pocket.

A metal stud button in front allows you to fold the triangle-shaped sleeve and keep it in place, allowing the folio to day closed the whole time you carry it. When closed, the whole thing measures 4.25 x 6.375 inches, which is still compact enough to cram it in your pocket or inside your EDC pouch, even with a pair of notebooks onboard, so you can easily carry it as part of your daily stash.


Aside from insert pockets inside to secure the pocket notebooks, the Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio has a small pocket on the inner left side to hold business cards, loose documents, and random receipts, as well as a tab on the back for holding your pencil, pen, or some other writing instrument of choice. Construction is premium top-grain cowhide leather, which, the outfit claims, gives it a very durable build, while being certain to develop a handsome patina over time. Rounding out the build, a machine-stitched seam should keep the whole thing intact for many years of use.


Each folio comes with a set of three of Field Notes’ 48-page notebooks: one graphed, one ruled, and one with plain paper. It can, of course, work with any other notebooks from Field Notes’ line, as well as any other pocket notebooks of a similar size, so you can use it with any random stack you pick up from the office supply store. The folio is available in nine leather finishes, namely charcoal, saddle, black, burgundy, buckskin, ocean, stone, dark brown, and natural.

The Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio is available now, priced at $45. There’s also a personalization option that can will engrave any name on it for an additional $12.

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