Rumpl x Snow Peak NanoLoft Takibi Blanket Rumpl's newest blanket uses Snow Peak's fire-resistant fabric, so you can wallow around the campfire without burning your blanket.

Ever walked around the campfire wrapped in your Rumpl blanket, only to have one end dangle too close to the flames, causing it to catch fire? Yeah, that sucks. If you want to keep that from happening again, you’ll want to check out the Rumpl x Snow Peak NanoLoft Takibi Blanket.

The first Rumpl blanket with integrated fire resistance, the camp bedding makes it perfectly safe to wallow around the campfire while draped in a blanket’s warmth and comfort. That way, you can stay perfectly warm in your camp blanket while you start fires at camp, cook eggs on the stove, and roast sausages on the grill with no worries about subjecting it to any sort of fire damage.

The Rumpl x Snow Peak NanoLoft Takibi Blanket is made using Snow Peak’s fire-resistant recycled material, which combines Aramid ripstop fabric on top and a 20D ripstop nylon at the bottom. Do note, only the outer shell can actually withstand fires, so best keep the inner side away if you don’t want to get in any kind of trouble. They pair that fire-shrugging shell with 200 gsm of Rumpl’s own NanoLoft synthetic down insulation, which is also made from post-consumer recycled material, making this a more interesting option for folks with sustainability in mind. Aside from the acrylic coating that shields the blanket from errant sparks and open flames, it also gets a DWR finish to keep the darn thing dry from both spills and inclement weather alike. And yes, that same DWR finish should make it resistant to stains, making it easy to clean even after wearing through a week-long stay in the backcountry.

It measures 50 x 70 inches, making it large enough to cover most individuals while they curl up inside the tent, all while being just the right size to drape around your body while you make your way around camp in the morning. As with the outfit’s other blankets, it rolls up into a compact pile, measuring just 6 x 14 inches when collapsed, making it easy to strap down to your pack for bringing along when you’re on foot.

The Rumpl x Snow Peak NanoLoft Takibi Blanket gets the same Cape Clip found in the outfit’s other blankets, which allows you to secure it around the neck for wearing like a cape, so you can run around camp like some kind of superhero outdoorsman. Same with reflective paracord on the corner loops, in case you want to securely lay it down on the ground for a clean, dry place where you can plop down. Do note, this is rated for temperatures of just 45 degrees and above, so you’ll want to get one of the outfit’s thicker blankets for the colder days of the year. Other features include a machine washable construction, a weight of 1.7 pounds, and a carrying harness with both Rumpl and Snow Peak’s branding on it.

The Rumpl x Snow Peak NanoLoft Takibi Blanket is available now, priced at $299.

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