RUMPL NASA Puffy Blanket RUMPL takes their original outdoor blanket and decks it in a reflective shell, making the darn thing look more suited for space than the campsite.

By now, you’ve probably come across one of RUMPL’s Original Puffy Blankets, which have become pretty popular with the outdoor crowd. It’s just a great blanket to have when you’re camping. The RUMPL NASA Puffy Blanket takes the popular outdoor blanket and decks it in a space-age aesthetic, so you can be ready to commune with aliens the next time you go sleeping under the stars.

Created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, the blanket comes decked in a reflective material that makes it look like it actually belongs as part of a space mission. What is it supposed to do in space? We don’t actually know, but we imagine, the shiny reflective surface can easily reflect the sun’s rays, so you can redirect it to an attacking extraterrestrial jet fighter. Or something like that.

The RUMPL NASA Puffy Blanket takes the outfit’s standard outdoor blanket and replaces its standard material with a heat-reflective, 20-denier nylon fabric. Why would you want it to reflect heat when it’s usually cold outdoors? We’re not entirely sure and they don’t really explain it, either, so we’ll just assume this is all an aesthetic decision to make the darn thing look like it belongs out there in the bleak darkness of space, similar to what they did with those Stan Smith Spacesuit Sneakers. This special design, by the way, is only available for the one-person variant of the blanket because… you know… space is a lonely frontier and we all die alone. Unless you’re kidnapped by aliens, in which case, anything probably goes.

Since the heat-reflective material is used both inside and outside, though, we imagine that means it will reflect your body heat back in, which would make sense as far as keeping you warm during cold nights in the backcountry. Aside from the reflective shell, it also comes with 240-gsm hollow-fiber synthetic insulation, which should further increase the warmth, actually making this quite viable as an outdoor blanket during camping.

The RUMPL NASA Puffy Blanket has a DWR finish, so will repel both water and stains, ensuring it will keep you dry even in wet conditions while staying relatively clean even through extended outdoor stays. It’s got, pretty much, all the usual elements of RUMPL’s original blankets, including the corner loops for securing it in your mattress and a Cape Clip for keeping the blanket on you when you’re upright without using your hands. It’s machine-washable, too, so you can just throw it in with the rest of the laundry at home because no one has time to hand-wash clothes in the space age.

It measures 75 x 52 inches (length x width) when flat, so it should accommodate most people, whether they want to sleep or walk around with a blanket draped over their shoulders. Each blanket comes with a stuff sack that measures 7 x 16 inches (diameter x length), so the whole thing collapses into a pretty compact roll that you should be able to easily strap on a backpack.

The RUMPL NASA Puffy Blanket is priced at $100.

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