Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket Rumpl makes their popular camp blanket lighter, more packable, and warmer than before. Oh yeah, it's also more expensive.

We’re big fans of Rumpl’s puffy blanket, which puts together a great balance of packability, warmth, and overall camping function. It’s neither the warmest nor the lightest, but its combination of features have made it popular among the backpacking crowd. The Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket seeks to make improvements on those two areas.

Designed to be lighter and warmer than the outfit’s previous blankets, the camp bedding is even more convenient to squeeze into your pack, all while providing better warmth for those chilly nights under the stars. It still retains the same aesthetics as the original Rumpl blankets, too, so you get to enjoy the same premium puffy blanket while getting overall better performance, whether it’s rolled up on your way to the camp site, laid out when tucking yourself in at night, or draped around your body as you start a fire first thing in the morning.

The Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket is made from a 10-denier ripstop polyester fabric, so it’s pretty thin for something supposed to keep you warm at night, although they reinforced it with 800-fill power goose down (an upgrade from the 600-fill power duck down in their previous blanket) to provide the necessary insulation to keep things warm when you curl beneath its covers. It gets a DWR finish for stain and water-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about the thin material getting soaked at any point, so you can sit on damp grass, spill coffee, and even get it wet in a drizzle without having to hang it off to dry.

Because the material is so thin, the blanket is able to roll up in such a compact manner. At just 5 x 8 inches (diameter x length), the whole thing packs to about half the size of the outfit’s other blankets, which is really impressive. It measures 52 x 75 inches when fully laid out, too, so there’s more than enough surface to cover up a single sleeper adequately, all while draping comfortably around your body to keep you warm throughout the day. And yes, the whole thing weighs just 1 pound, so it barely adds any heft to your stash.

The Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket has all the usual elements in the outfit’s blankets. These include the Cape Clip, which lets you secure the blanket to your body if you want to walk around wearing it, as well as corner loops that let you stake down your blanket if you want to use it as a seating surface around camp. It’s machine-washable, so you can just dump it in with the rest of the laundry when you get back home the week after, with the DWR keeping it clean for the most part while you’re slumming it out in the wild. The stuff-sack, by the way, is water-resistant, too, so you can keep the whole thing strapped to the outside of your pack without having to worry about the elements.

The catch? It’s even more expensive than the already expensive regular Rumpl blankets. The Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket is available now, priced at $399.

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