Rocky Mountain Suzi Q Fat Bike Boasting a q-factor that's 20mm narrower than normal fat bikes, this thing lets you ride with nimble agility on any rough terrain.


Fat bikes are great, allowing you to ride through snow, sand, and other rough terrain. Problem is, fat bikes tend to be slow and plodding, since most bikes aren’t naturally built to move on wheels and tires of that size. The Rocky Mountain Suzi Q wants to change that.

Designed as a fat bike from the ground up, it’s built with a narrow q-factor (distance between the pedal attachment points on the crank arms), allowing you to pedal in a much more efficient way, so you can ride with agility and speed. They claim it’s more nimble than any fat bike you’ve ever tried, ensuring a much more enjoyable experience, whether you’re racing on singletrack loops or making your way through the snow.


The Rocky Mountain Suzi Q comes with a frame cut in either carbon or aluminum, so it should be quite the lightweight ride, either way. It comes with a q-factor that’s at least 20mm narrower than any fat bike in the market, with short chainstays and extended reach allowing it to retain stability while being agile. The bike comes with 27.5 x 3.8 inch tires, although it can accommodate tires up to 27.5 x 4.2 inches.


Features include an integrated chainstay protector, an integrated downtube protector, full-carbon monocoque fork (three angle models), four bottle cages (two on the fork, two on the front triangle), and internal cable housing. It doesn’t come with a suspension built-in, although they recommend a 100mm Bluto at 20 percent sag as an option to maintain the stock geometry.


Available now, pricing for the Rocky Mountain Suzi Q starts at $1,899.

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