Rock Bar Bike Storage Case This versatile bike case mounts on any tubed section of your bike, allowing maximum versatility for carrying your gear.

There’s no shortage of bags you can use to carry gear on your bicycle. Some of them are designed to mount on handlebars. Others mount on the frame. There are even some that mount on the fork. The Rock Bar is designed to mount on all of those positions, allowing you to carry your gear wherever it’s most convenient on your ride.

Equipped with adjustable wraparound straps, the case can mount on nearly any tubed section of the bike, making it a whole lot more versatile than most bike bags in the market. Decided to put LEDs on your handlebars to light your way at night? Put it on the down tube and you’re set. Need the downtube for your bottle cage? Not a problem, as it fits right on the top tube as well. Decided to mount a bigger bag on the top tube? Fortunately, this fits perfectly on the fork, too, so you can literally find a place for it, regardless of how much other gear you decide to carry on the bike.

The Rock Bar is a semi-rigid, tube-shaped storage case with a zippered lid on one end, which you can attach to any tubed section of a bicycle. That means, the handlebars, the top tube, the down tube, and either the side of the fork are all fair game, giving you the flexibility to mount it exactly where you feel like putting the darn thing. You can put it on the handlebars to keep it within your sightline at all times, on the frame, so it doesn’t interfere with your ride performance, or even a case on each side of the fork. Heck, you can put one on every section that will accommodate it, allowing you to have five gear cases on your bike all at once.

Because it uses wraparound straps, you can even remove it from the bike and mount it somewhere else. Strap it down to your backpack, for instance, if you want to keep your bike gear with you, as well as mount it to various fixtures in the garage once you’re back at home. Both straps are removable, by the way, and can be replaced with straps of different lengths (available separately), allowing you to customize it to fit more unconventional bike designs.

The Rock Bar measures roughly 12.6 x 2.5 inches (length x diameter), so while it won’t store larger items, it does have enough room to accommodate hand tools, air pumps, spare tire tubes, and other small parts that you can use for maintenance and repair tasks on the road. From what we can tell, it can also be used to carry rolled-up shirts, in case you want to have an extra tee on hand to change in after a long day of riding. While you can store stuff directly in the case, it also comes with a water-repellent nylon sleeve that you can wrap sensitive gear in if you want it to stay dry when riding in inclement weather.

Aside from the case, the outfit is also selling seven-pound steel weights designed to fit snugly inside the case. That means, you can mount up to 35 pounds of extra weight on the bike to add resistance to your daily cycling training.

The Rock Bar is available now, priced at $20.

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