Rion RE90 Racing Edition Electric Scooter Electric kick scooters are practical vehicles for city commute. This one makes it impractically powerful and unreasonably fast.

Electric scooters are great. They’re easy enough to ride, fast enough for your morning commute, and compact enough to bring inside the office. Suffice to say, they’re a practical way to get around. The Rion RE90 Racing Edition takes the erstwhile practical personal transport and makes it unreasonably fast.

You know those rental scooters you can pick up and ride around town? They tend to top out at 20 mph. This “racing edition” electric kick scooter, on the other hand, has a motor that can push it to ridiculous 100 mph speeds. It’s so ridiculous, in fact, that they decided to electronically limit it to 80 mph, since propelling at 100 mph speeds in what’s essentially a large skateboard with a handlebar just doesn’t seem all that safe. We know, 80 mph doesn’t sound safe, either, but this is obviously something aimed at the daredevils among us.

The Rion RE90 Racing Edition is powered by two brushless hub motors, one each in the front and rear wheels. Each motor has a separate controller that pushes 400 amps per phase in a three-phase sequence, enabling crazy acceleration like you’ve probably never seen in an electric scooter. Those motors draw electricity from a 96.6V 30Ah battery that, the outfit claims, can keep you rolling on the road for up to 60 miles between charges. From what we can tell, the battery doesn’t seem to be swappable, so you can’t just plug in a new one to extend the range instantly. According to the outfit, the battery can recharge fully using the included 10Ah charger in 4.5 hours.

Powerful motors aren’t the only thing responsible for making this thing run fast, as it’s quite lightweight, too, at just 59 pounds. Those weight savings come courtesy of carbon construction for the chassis, stem pole and handlebar, as well as an aluminum build for the front and rear arms. Basically, it’s light enough that you can fold it and carry it if needed, so you should easily be able to get it in the train without getting annoyed looks from other passengers.

The Rion RE90 Racing Edition isn’t actually designed for daily commutes. Instead, they’re marketing this as a racing vehicle because people are apparently racing kick scooters now. As such, much of the vehicle is designed for high performance on the tracks, with a rigid front fork for maximum control, firm suspension on the rear arm, and PMT slick tires for a super-smooth roll. For bringing you to a quick stop, it gets 140mm rotor discs with Magura carbon calipers both front and rear.

Aside from the ridiculous performance numbers, the vehicle gets, pretty much, all the usual elements of kick scooters. That means, you can bring this with you to the office, take it into the elevator, and fold the stem down, so you can keep it under your desk while you answer emails, field phone calls, and try to look busy throughout the whole day.

The Rion RE90 Racing Edition is available now, priced starting at $6,800.

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