Ridgid Stealth Force Cordless Impact Driver Ridgid's newest impact driver reduces operating noise by a whopping 50 percent by housing the impact mechanism inside a noise-dampening oil bath.


Impact drills can drive screws into the hardest woods faster than any powered driving tool in existence. Problem is, they’re also annoyingly louder. The Ridgid Stealth Force Impact Driver changes that, reducing noise by a whopping 50 percent less than comparable tools.

No, it doesn’t run quieter by cutting down on power. In fact, Ridgid claims this runs two times faster than comparable tools in the market. Instead, it achieves quiet operation by housing the impact mechanism in an oil bath, propagating the impact energy and dampening most of the sound, while allowing unfettered operation.

We know, the Ridgid Stealth Force Cordless Impact Driver’s name makes it sound more like a sci-fi movie weapon than a practical addition to your toolbox. It is, however, a real 18-volt impact driver that runs on a brushless motor powered by a rechargeable battery, with an included backup battery that you can simply swap in once the other runs dry. The darn thing’s no shabby tool, either, as it can run up to 2,400 rpm, complete with three speed settings, so you can go light if max power isn’t really necessary.

To load, you simply press bits into the holder to lock, while drawing the same holder back ejects the same bits instantly, allowing you to eject a bit without having to touch it (useful when bits get red hot). Features include a tactile grip handle with a textured surface, a belt hook for keeping it on your waist, and a trio of LED indicators around the bit holder.

Available now, the Ridgid Stealth Force Cordless Impact Driver is priced at $199.

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