Rich + Clean New Standard Face Wash Beyond cleaning your face, Rich + Clean's new face wash will cool and soothe your skin for an ultra-fresh feeling.


Cleaning your face is the staple first step in any man’s skin care regimen, as it removes whatever oil and dirt has accumulated there throughout the course of the day. It’s the most basic of the basic. While most cleansers can do a darn good job of plucking out all the impurities on your skin, Rich + Clean New Standard Face Wash promises to make cleaning your face feel like a whole lot more.

More than cleaning your face, the wash will soothe and cool it, too, ensuring your skin feels just as pampered as it is pristine while you’re toweling down. Truth be told, the ingredient list looks more like a juice cleansing recipe than a face wash, leaving no doubt this should create an experience that should feel a whole lot of different from the usual.

A daily face wash for all skin types, the Rich + Clean New Standard Face Wash is reinforced with chamomile and aloe to soothe and calm your skin, while mint and eucalyptus provide a cooling effect that will keep you feeling fresh. A selection of skin-cleansing extracts provide the necessary cleaning, while tea tree oil and bay leaf oil infuse it with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It comes in 8oz glass bottles.

Available now, the Rich + Clean New Standard Face Wash is priced at $23.