Rheos Gear Eddies Floating Sunglasses Designed for fishing, these sunglasses will keep sun, wind, and splashes away, all while floating when you accidentally drop it in the water.


There are certain things you’ll want in a pair of sunglasses when you’re spending the day fishing. You’ll want wraparound frames for keeping out sun and wind, with lots of UV protection since you’ll likely be out in the sun the whole day. The Rheos Gear Eddies do all that while also floating in the water, so you can drop your sunglasses in any lake, river, or ocean without having to dive in to be able to retrieve them.

You know how it is. One moment, the sun clears out, so you take your sunglasses off and put them on your head. A few minutes later, the sun’s back out, blinding you with its glare, so you reach for those sunglasses that, somehow, slip and end up sinking in the water. Bummer.


The Rheos Gear Eddies has a frame cut in an ultra-light and durable TPX material, allowing it to float in any body of water. A wraparound silhouette allows it to keep out both wind and water splashes with equal aplomb, all while leaving enough vent protection to minimize fogging. It’s offered in anti-scratch and shatterproof polarized lenses, with multiple lens options for handing different times of day and varying fishing environments. Other features include 100 percent UV400 protection, an included microfiber cloth, and two colors (gunmetal and tortoise).

Available now, the Rheos Gear Eddies are priced at $50.

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