RHA T20i In-Ear Headphones These in-ears boast unique drivers with dual voice coils that enable levels of resolution, clarity, and detail previously unavailable in such a small package.


Paying over 200 clams for a pair of in-ear buds sounds like the kind of spending your dad will shake his head at. But when you consider the kind of sound quality you can experience with the RHA T20i, you might actually feel confident that you can convince the old man it’s practically a steal at the price point. Of course, you’ll probably end up losing that argument, but there will be a moment when you’ll feel that elusive glimmer of hope.

Armed with the company’s new and radical DualCoil dynamic drivers, the headphones boast the ability to outperform most any conventional driver in levels of resolution, clarity and detail. While that sounds like hyperbole, the tech behind the drivers is actually convincing. Unlike the drivers you’ll normally find in headphones and loudspeakers, the DualCoil uses two independently-operating voice coils per driver, with the driver diaphragm containing both inner and outer apexes, making for the kind of sound manipulation regular drivers just aren’t capable of enabling.


Aside from the unique drivers, the RHA T20i boasts an injection-molded stainless steel housing that features a tuning filter system that lets you adjust the sound signature and moldable over-the-ear hooks that ensure a secure, noise-isolating fit. It comes with a three-button remote and microphone (only works with Apple devices, though), 10 pairs of ear tips (six dual-density silicone, two double-flange silicone, and two memory foam), multicore copper cable with a gold-plated jack, and a premium carrying case. This pair of headphones, by the way, conforms to the High-Res Audio standard defined by the Japan Audio Society.

Available now, the RHA T20i is priced at $249.95.