Rev’it Sand Urban Jacket Rev'it reinvents their popular adventure riding jacket for daily commuting by combining its versatile features with an urban-friendlier styling.


We’re big fans of Rev’it’s Sand jacket, which is easily one of the finest touring jackets in the market. As good as it is, though, the styling just doesn’t make it suited for everyday riding. The Rev’it Sand Urban takes everything great about that garment and slaps it with a whole new aesthetic that fares better with urban environments.

Billed as a “crossover jacket,” it retains the protective function, four-season functionality, and versatile feature set of the original Sand, so it can be your go-to jacket for cross-country tours and weekend motorcycle adventures. Except, with the new styling, you should blend in a whole lot better with the rest of humanity in the big city, so you can wear it for daily commutes and errands without looking out of place.


The Rev’it Sand Urban has a shell cut in a cotton and polyester blend, with a two layer construction ensuring it absorbs very little water while drying very quickly. A detachable thermal liner makes it wearable in both warm and cold weather, while a similarly detachable hydratex membrane allows you to fully waterproof it during rainy days. For armors, it comes with SEESMART protectors on the shoulders and elbows, along with a SEESOFT protector on the back pocket.


Features include an adjustable collar for a comfortable fit, VCS zippers in strategic locations for ventilation, multiple pockets both outside and inside, and full compatibility with the outfit’s Challenger cooling vest insert for wearing during hot summer afternoons. It comes in two colors: black and dark green.

Available now, the Rev’it Sand Urban is priced at $599.99.

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